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Rules: Just The Basics

1. The serve must be made underhand, contacting the ball below the waist. Server must stand behind the baseline.

2. Serves must land past the opponents Non Volley Zone (called “The Kitchen”) and in the box diagonal from the server.

3. Players are only allowed one attempted serve.

4. 2 Bounce Rule: The ball must bounce once per side for the serve and the return of serve.

5. The ball must stay inbounds. If any part of the ball hits a line, it’s inbounds.

6. In doubles, each team receives two serves, one for each partner. The exception is for the team that serves to start the game, they receive one serve.

7. If you are standing in the Non Volley Zone, the ball can not be hit in the air, it must bounce first.

8. Only the serving team can score points and they continue serving and alternating sides (right & left) until they make a fault. After a fault is made, the opposing team serves.

9. When a point is won, the same server serves again from the opposite side (left/right).

10. Games are played to 11 points, win by 2.

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