About Us

Welcome to The Big Dink, we're more than just a pickleball paddle company - we're a small pickleball-loving family on a mission to enhance your game and bring joy to the court!

At The Big Dink, we're committed to providing you with top-quality paddles that are designed to help you play your best without breaking the bank. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our paddles are built to last and can help you take your skills to the next level. And we don't take ourselves too seriously - we approach pickleball with a smile on our faces and a genuine love for the game.

Our story began with a dream to inject a little humor and personality into the pickleball world. That's why we chose "The Big Dink" as our name - it's a nod to the beloved dink shot, as well as a tribute to our founder's quirky sense of humor. We believe that pickleball should be fun and lighthearted, even when you're competing at a high level.

Here at The Big Dink, we're a small crew of pickleball fanatics who believe that great paddles shouldn't cost a fortune. Our mission is simple: to create top-notch, fairly-priced paddles that add a touch of style and a sprinkle of fun to your game. Trust us, our paddles not only elevate your look on the court but also help you enjoy pickleball even more, without overselling their prowess.

And speaking of love, did we mention that we're passionate about bringing people together through pickleball? It's true! Our tight-knit team isn't just motivated by the bottom line, but by the joy and camaraderie that this amazing sport inspires. When you choose The Big Dink, you're not just getting a great paddle, you're joining a family that's dedicated to spreading happiness, one dink at a time.

So go ahead, give us a whirl - we promise we won't disappoint! And always remember, your zest for life and sense of fun are what make the game truly enjoyable, no matter your age or experience level. Welcome to The Big Dink family, where laughter and pickleball go hand in hand. Happy dinking, friends!