Pop Up

1 out of 150 – or 0.67%

That’s how many products one can say are decent in an overcrowded market. But how many are truly great?

Just think back on all the pickleball paddles you’ve tried.

That little lonely dot you see above is where you’ll find The Big Drink.

It’s OK to be skeptical of our claim.

Here’s what I’ll say; I may not be the best at summarizing, but if you’ve willing to trade my 5-year journey for 3.5 minutes of your time, this page is for you.

By the way: If you’re here because of Ben Front’s review on YouTube, know we had no idea he would do that review. We didn’t even know he bought our paddles until somebody in our product engineering team saw his video on YouTube. We’re so thrilled he loved them.

Paddles Aren’t Created Equal

We’ve all been there. You find something promising (hoping this one ‘finally’ solves your problem) buy it and is doesn’t quite live up to the hype. If you’re like me and you’ve burnt through countless paddles, you know there’s nothing like KNOWING you can trust your gear when it counts.

After my struggle, I didn’t want others to experience my frustration. That’s why we focus on making the best paddles (I was capable of) on the market without ridiculous prices.

You’ve probably heard “commitment to quality” so much that it’s lost meaning. When we say it, though, we mean it. From the inside out, we chose only the best materials for this paddle. From our polypropylene honeycomb care to the carbon fibre face, we designed every layer for maximum power control, and durability.

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It’s About You

We tested five different materials for that core. In the end, we settled on our polypropylene honeycomb. Why? Because it’s all about you. With superior shock absorption, three times better than common materials, it reduces that impact on your joints when you play. Plus, it’s quieter, stronger, and gives you more control.

Most people wouldn’t notice that detail. Do you know who would notice? Me. We all have that one thing we love to get lost in-some focus on getting better at sports, including perfecting that dink shot. We focus on making the best pickleball paddles possible so that you can focus on the game.

Didn’t Do It the Easy Way

When it comes down to it, all that matters is quality. Quality gear means a quality game. That’s why we’ve refused to make compromises with quality, not even for the price. We’ll be the first to admit it hasn’t always been easy to do this. And we may have underestimated how difficult it’d be initially. We’re glad we never gave up, though __we’ve now served thousands of players, from newbies to seasoned hands.

There’s far too much pressure to buy now; act now. Don’t feel rushed. We aren’t going anywhere. And when you’re ready, we look forward to giving you the best pickleball paddles you could ask for.