How do you master the dink in pickleball?


Pickleball. Yes, I said it! It’s seems to be everywhere I look. There’s an obvious reason why it’s the fastest growing sport in the country. That’s a pretty good accomplishment for a somewhat new sport with a funny name! 

We will teach you how to master the famous “dink shot” in pickleball.  I started playing pickleball in camp many years ago. I thought everyone was joking when they were using the word “dink”. Fast forward 20 years and I clearly see “dink” was not a joke! In fact, it’s a strategic shot that is really fun to learn and will definitely improve your game. 

If you’ve ever watched pro tennis players on TV, this will be even easier. I’ll assume if you’re reading this you’ve at least watched one tennis match in your life.  So, remember when you watched, sometimes the players run to the net and hit a very soft shot that get’s their opponent running from back court to front court? If you said “yes” then you’ve got it! That shot is essentially a dink. 

The Rise of Pickleball and Why Gear Matters

Let's take a step back and chat about why pickleball is the "it" sport of the decade. I mean, why is everyone and their grandmother getting in on this?

  • Social Aspect: People love the camaraderie and low entry barrier. Heck, you could be 15 or 50, and still get in a good game.
  • Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: The basics? Child's play. But nuances like the dink? Ah, there's the rub.
  • Affordable: Unlike golf, where you'd sell an arm and a leg for gear, pickleball is pretty budget-friendly.

So, you're sold on the sport, but what about the gear? In my experience, The Big Dink paddles stand head and shoulders above the rest. Lightweight but powerful, they offer that sweet spot between control and pop. And folks, if you're keen on dinking, the Big Dink Original gives you that extra oomph.

Five Ways The Big Dink Paddles Level-Up Your Game

Listen, gear matters, especially when you're aiming for pro-level moves like the dink. Here’s why:

  • Material Science: We're talking graphite faces with a polymer honeycomb core. It's like NASA-level engineering for your pickleball game.
  • Ergonomics: A comfortable grip and a balanced paddle make the Big Dink Pickleball Paddle Set a natural extension of your arm.

Noise Factor:

Ever swing a paddle and it sounded like a trash can orchestra? Not with The Big Dink. Swinging this baby is like hearing your favorite song come on the radio.

Price-to-Quality Ratio:

I get it, The Big Dink isn’t exactly bargain-bin material. But you know what? It's the sort of long-term investment that’ll make your pickleball game shine.


Q: Is it a racket or a paddle?

A: Let’s clear this up: It's a paddle, no strings and all. As for quality? The Big Dink is the LeBron James of pickleball paddles. No contest.

Q: How do I get good at dinking?

A: Look, nobody became a maestro overnight. But with The Big Dink in hand, you're already ahead of the game. Trust me.

Q: How do I dink without looking like an idiot?

A: Hey, we’ve all been there. The key is finesse. Just focus on that ball and let your paddle do the heavy lifting.


So, here's the deal. Pickleball isn't just a pastime; it's practically a way of life. If you're gunning for pro-level dinks, your paddle isn't just a tool—it's your wingman. And in my book, The Big Dink is your best bet to make some noise in this game.

Ready to up your dinking game and own the court?