Portable Pickleball Net: Choose the Right Pickleball Net in 2023

When it comes to playing pickleball, if you don’t have a net, you can’t play. Yes, it’s that simple. Think about it this way–the  net in pickleball is similar to that in tennis, meaning, imagine trying to play tennis without a net! It would be impossible. Same holds true with pickleball. With the popularity of pickleball, the demand for pickleball is far exceeding the amount of available places to play. The solution? A portable pickleball net! Think about it,  if you don’t live near a pickleball court, how can you play? You can’t. Unless you have a portable net. 

Portable pickleball nets must meet the same requirements from the USAPA (Usa Pickleball Association). The guidelines as the same whether a net is permanent or portable. The key to a a good pickleball net is ease of use. This means it should be easy to set up, lightweight and durable. Many people will set their nets up in basements or gyms, but if you’re planning on playing outside, having a net that won’t fall apart in heavy rain and all around nasty weather are important things to think about when shopping for a pickleball net.

Having a chance to practice when you want and where you want is one of the best benefits of a portable net.  In short, buying a  good pickleball net is really important for any serious player and really for anyone that genuinely wants to improve their game. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Pickleball Net:

When it comes to deciding which portable pickleball net to buy, there are several things to keep in mind and many choices.

Some of the choices to consider are:

  1. Material: Pickleball nets can be made from different materials, such as nylon, vinyl, or mesh. Nylon is the most durable and weather-resistant, while vinyl and mesh may be more affordable but they are definitely less sturdy. The most important choice when picking a net  is durability and it’s ability to withstand heavy rain, wind and all around inclimate weather. 
  1. Frame: The frames of portable pickleball nets are usually made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum frames are lighter and easier to set up than steel frames. 
  1. Assembly: Think for a minute about how much of a breeze it is to put up and take down the net. Now, think for a minute if your net is really heavy and not easy to set up and take down. If you find one that's super easy to set up and pack away, it's gonna save you a ton of time and aggravation. This is really important and usually overlooked. You will thank us later for this!
  1. 5. Weight: The weight of the net matters, especially if you're going to be lugging it around a lot. Find a net that's light but sturdy enough to handle windy weather and heavy rain.

    6. Cost: pickleball nets can range in price from $150  to more than $500 dollars. 

Types of On-the-go Pickleball Nets: When it comes to picking out a portable pickleball net, there are basically two main types. Each has its good and bad points, so think about what's likely to work best for you specific needs.

  1. Pop-up Pickleball Nets: Like their name suggests, pop-up pickleball nets are nets that just spring into place. These are super easy to put up but can be a little tricky to take down. The benefits are they're really lightweight  and very  portable, which makes them awesome if you need to pack up their net and hit the road.  Most pop-ups can be ready to go in under 5 minutes, and many come with carry cases.  But there are a couple of downsides to pop-up pickleball nets. Because they're so light, a gust of wind could easily knock them over. If you’re a serious player, buying a cheap pop-up net is probably not the best choice

  2. Roll-up Pickleball Nets: Roll-up pickleball nets are sturdier than pop-ups. They're made up of a net stretched across a frame and they roll up easily when you finish playing. Since they're heavier than pop-up nets, they're less likely to get tipped over by a gust of wind. Roll-up pickleball nets are usually tougher than pop-up net. 

  3. At the end of the day, the kind of portable pickleball net you go for will come down to personal tastes. Pop-up nets are the go-to for folks who want something super light and easy to set up. If you choose these, think about how long the net will last. The pop-ups may not make it through even a year of play. 

Roll-up nets are definitely sturdier than pop-ups. They're made up of a net stretched across a frame. As the name suggests, they’re intended to roll-up when you’re done playing.  They're heavier than pop-up nets which makes them less likely to get tipped over.

At the end of the day, if you just need something to play once in a while and you don’t care how long the net lasts, pop-ups are a good choice. On the other hand, roll-up nets are a good choice if you want a net that lasts and feels studier. 

Top Portable Pickleball Net Brands and Models in 2023:

There are many  brands out there that make portable pickleball nets. Some well known brands include Onix and Franklin Sports. To make your choice a bit easier, we've put together a list of our top picks for the best pickleball nets you can buy in 2023. We picked these based on things like how easy it is to set up, how strong it is, overall customer feedback, customer reviews and price. 

One top pick is
The Big Dink portable pickleball net. This net is made from premium materials, has great reviews, great customer feedback and is priced competitively. The reviews for the big dink net were overwhelmingly positive. They averaged 4.5 stars. This was far better than any other net company and our top pick for best pickleball net.