Should I Buy a Pickleball Net? A Detailed Buying Guide!

Having a good pickleball net is the most essential thing to truly enjoy pickleball and make the game memorable. 

The significance of the best portable pickleball net is enhanced by many folds especially if you are a professional player as you never want to lose the game because of the absence of game essentials. 

However, finding the right pickleball net is not a cup of cake and you must consider some aspects seriously before buying it. 

Therefore, this article is focused on giving you a complete buying guide on buying the best portable pickleball net. 

What Should I Consider While Buying Pickleball Net?

Some of the important factors to consider while buying a portable pickleball net are discussed below

Assembly Techniques

The first thing to consider is the method by which the net will be assembled. The assembly methods may range from simple twist-and-pull designs to complex screw models. Your decision depends on how often you play or whether you have plans to move this net along with you or not. 

Standards and Regulations

This aspect is specifically important if you are a professional player and play internationally. Since it is important to check whether the net meets all IFP and USAPA regulations. For example, it is necessary that the net should be 22 feet long, 34 inches high, the mesh size should be around 1.75”x1.75”, and so on. 


Another important factor to consider is the durability of the net which is dependent on the material of the net. Some of the materials that ensure durability within the net are steel and aluminum as these materials are both weather resistant and easy to maintain.  

Tightening Methods

The tightening method of the net is the most important aspect to ensure efficiency within the pickleball game. Since it enables you to adjust the height of the net and set the court for optimal play. 

Some methods use straps while others use rope and pulley methods. There is also a possibility of tension adjustment in the case of some mechanisms. The choice of the method depends on what kind of height and tension you want in your net. 


Since we are talking about portable pickleball nets, therefore, you should look for a net that is light so that you can easily carry it along with you while going to the court. 

Are you still confused about what the best portable pickleball net look like? Then here is an example for you. 

Big Dink Pickleball Net - The Best Portable Pickleball Net

No matter whether you are an amateur or professional player, this pickleball net will allow you to play the game on your terms and conditions and never lose the game. Some of its features that make it the perfect portable net are enlisted below

Top Features

  • This net is suitable for both amateur and professional players
  • Allows you to play virtually anytime and anywhere
  • You can easily adjust its height and tension and play the game according to your terms and conditions
  • It is easy to set up and move around
  • You will get a free paddle set on buying this net


The price of this net is $229 and packages to pay this amount in instalments are given below:

Our Take

We believe that this portable pickleball net is suitable for both amateurs and professionals and perfect for those who have to carry the net along with them. 


To conclude, the most important factors that you must consider while buying a portable pickleball net include assembly methods, standards and regulations, weight, tightening system, and durability. 

Moreover, The Big Dink portable pickleball net is one of the best examples of a portable pickleball net that is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. No matter whether you have to play in a backyard or have to carry it along with you, this net will be perfect for you.