The Big Dink Pickleball Paddles: What Makes Our Paddles So Great?

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, pickleball seems to be everywhere! The sport's popularity has been on an upward trajectory for years with no signs of slowing down. Some reports are estimating  as many as thirty-six million players played pickleball between 2021 and 2022. 

Pickleball = fun! This is what everyone who plays seems to say about it. But don't let it fool you. It is still quite a workout! Although it can be physically demanding, players seem to like the exercise aspect as much as the fun aspect of the game. 

If you are not one of the millions who has played pickleball but you're ready to give it a try,  you need to invest in some pickleball paddles.

At The Big Dink, we have everything you need to start playing. Alongside our pickleball paddles, we also sell pickleball nets and pickleball accessories to make it all in one. Why should you choose The Big Dink pickleball paddle? What makes our products so good?

Why choose The Big Dink pickleball paddles?

Suitable for all skill levels: 

A primary focus for our team when creating our paddles for pickleball was to pay close attention to skill levels. We understand that most people who begin playing pickleball for the first time are new to the sport. The paddle is designed with an extra large sweet-spot. What does this mean? It means hitting good shots has never been easier!  This makes the paddles  perfectly suitable for all skill levels, meaning anyone can learn to play and excel using The Big Dink paddles.

Lightweight but powerful

 Our paddles are lightweight. Think about it for a second: if your paddle is too heavy, arm fatigue will set in. That risk is gone with our lightweight construction. At the same time, we have ensured that each of our pickleball paddles is hard-hitting; when you hit the ball, it’s going to have some “ummmph” behind it!

This provides you with the best of both worlds regarding shooting accuracy and power.

The right balance of materials: 

Every pickleball paddle has to be built using the guidelines set by the USAPA.. That is why we have focused on using a carbon face and Honeycomb PP core.  This gives our pickleball paddles the right mix  between strength and durability. This equates to the ideal balance between weight, accuracy, durability, and consistency.

All of this without adding unnecessary weight to the paddle!

Comfortable, safe gripping: 

A common problem with pickleball paddles is when the game heats up, especially on those hot summer days, and you begin sweating. This can obviously be an issue and make the paddle hard to grip. Luckily, we use a sweat-proof comfort grip for our paddles. This means that there is virtually no  risk of the paddle flying out of your hand. Each grip is designed to be extremely comfortable.

The Big Dink paddles are also built using a protective edge guard. This means you don’t need to worry about damaging the paddle during play.

Make pickleball easier with The Big Dink

Thanks to our pickleball paddles and nets, it's never been easier to start playing.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro level pickleball player, you can reap the rewards of using a The Big Dink paddle. 

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Take a look today, and see why thousands trust The Big Dink to deliver!