The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Nets: Your One-Stop Resource for the Best Places to Buy Them Online

Discover the joy of playing Pickleball with our comprehensive guide on finding the best Pickleball nets. Understand what to look for and explore our top picks, including the standout: Big Dink Portable Pickleball Nets.

Pickleball seems to be everywhere. It’s become so popular everywhere I look, I see pickleball! If you want to play, it does have a few requirements. One of which is the net. As in tennis, volleyball and badminton, the net divides the court in half. Same holds true with pickleball. As you might have guessed, the Pickleball net is non-negotiable. With a myriad of options flooding the market, it can be challenging to choose the right net. This article demystifies the process and presents you with a clear pathway to make an informed choice, while also highlighting our top picks, including the unbeatable Big Dink Portable Pickleball Nets.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Pickleball Net?

Before investing in a pickleball net, it's important to have a list of your specific requirements. This will make sure you make the right choice. Some things to consider: will your court be indoors or outdoors? Will it be played in potentially nasty weather or will it be stored indoors? Do you plan on keeping the net for a long time or just for the season?  These are just a few things to think about. However, the USAPA has created guidelines for approved nets. Be careful, just because it says “pickleball net” doesn’t mean it’s regulation size and dimensions. 

1. The Net's Size

A standard pickleball net measures 22 feet in length and 36 inches in height at the center. 

2. The Material 

Pickleball nets are fashioned from different materials. Some are made from aluminum, others from steel, and yet others from fiberglass. Steel and aluminum dominate the scene due to their strength and durability, while fiberglass nets win favor due to their lightweight and portability.

3. The Stability 

Nothing disrupts gameplay quite like an unstable net. To maintain a level playing surface, your net must remain steadfast during gameplay. This requires a sturdy base that can endure regular use.

The Cost of A Quality Pickleball Net:

The price tags on pickleball nets can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars! While some are affordable, remember the famous saying “you get what you pay for”.  On the other hand, just because a net is expensive does not mean it’s any better than an inexpensive net. 

Our Best Pickleball Net Recommendations:

Taking into consideration customer feedback and our in-depth analysis, here are our best bets:

Big Dink Portable Pickleball Nets:

Earning the title of our preferred pickleball nets for 2023, The Big Dink offers premium quality nets at a competitive price. Compared to the Joola net being sold for $2,199 net and Oncourt Net being sold at $419 per net, The Big Dink nets offer excellent value at just $299. They are also made of quality materials that are meant to withstand bad weather conditions. 

Where Can You Purchase Pickleball Nets?

Sporting goods stores and online platforms like Walmart, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, are excellent avenues for purchasing pickleball nets. If you choose to buy your net online, remember to look for customer reviews. An easy option is to purchase online directly from is also The Big Dink. They have many reviews and make a quality net that won’t break the bank.


At the end of the day, the pickleball net you end up with plays a big role in the quality of your games. Besides having the correct height and dimensions, you need to make sure it will last. Think about other net questions before you dive in and buy one. How easy is it to put the net up? How heavy is it? Is it really portable? What is it made of? Is it made with quality materials? Can you carry it around easily if you want to take your games on the road? Does it come with a carry bag?

No matter what, please remember that pickleball is a game! And games are meant to be fun! So go to there and enjoy yourself! You’ll end up getting a great workout, meeting new people and having an overall awesome time! You will see first hand why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America!